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Poison Since 1911

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I have sold grips to law enforcement across the country to military, FBI, Gunsite academy, cowboy action shooters for their single actions and never a complaint as to the durability and reliability of these grips. There`s curing and drying time involved so there`s about a 2 week  turn around time. Custom made to last the lifetime of your firearm.

Plus they sure purty up a 1911

To place an order:  Simply hit the "ADD TO CART" button and you will be directed to a secure site that will except any major credit card
or send a money order to.
Mel Barboza
Cooks, MI 49817
Along with what type 1911 and a note saying what skin type you prefer
PH  734-344-1748

$60 plus 4.75 to ship (International rate $11.75)

    Texas Ranger Stars  $15 Extra
    Colt Medallions, $20 Extra
  Thins                  $15 Extra     

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